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War rages across the Galaxy. Both the brutal Galactic Empire and the desperate Rebel Alliance reel in the face of terrible losses. A tabletop RPG campaign set after the Battle of Yavin. Star Wars: Edge of the Empire (Fantasy Flight Games)

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Development: Hongzhilik

Post by nemarsde » 24 Oct 2018, 22:00

The session with Hillfolk character creation went well and left me with a solid feel for the character.

Inspired by Dr Smith (Lost In Space) and Jayne (Firefly), serving the story as the party's miscreant, but character-wise more of a mash-up of Rocket Racoon (Guardians of the Galaxy) and Ash (Army of Darkness).

Species I already had a direction I wanted to take. In The Great Game and Ars Magica, I played large, active men, Hare being more of a burly rugby player, Nagle more of a lanky cricketer. So I knew that I wanted to play someone small for our Star Wars game. That narrowed down Species to those with Silhouette 0*. I did a seminar with Industrial Light & Magic when I was at uni, deconstructing Sebulba's design and animation from Star Wars: Episode 1 -- The Phantom Menace, so the Dug alien species was an instant favourite (since Ewoks weren't an option).

I verified that FFG had released official stats for the Dug species---they had---so went with that.

Putting aside Relationships and Bonds for the time being, that gave me the following character:
  • Name: Muerta
  • Species: Dug
  • Role: Thief?
  • Wants from party: Protection
  • Dramatic pole: Paragon vs Parasite**
After reading my notes, I quickly realised that Career: Smuggler(Thief) would be redundant in the party that was shaping up, so interpreted "Thief" more as "Scavenger", "Vulture", and that gelled nicely with a Technician, which the party was lacking, and the Technician career had some synergy with the Dug species.

Much later, I finally settled on the Technician(Modder) specialisation, because it built squarely on Edge of the Empire's notion of "money talks". With a Modder in the party, we'd always need more cash.

Despite the Hillfolk character creation, I still didn't have a background for Muerta, so I decided that I would try out the official method in Edge of the Empire!

*Dugs have Silhouette 1 in the official rules. They do have long limbs, it's more the way they stand that makes them short, but that's fine.
**Bigby and I discussed Muerta's dramatic pole, as I was struggling to describe it. It was a very simple pole, but I kept describing it inelegantly. Good guy vs bad guy, in simplest terms. Ash from Army of Darkness is a great example. He tries to delude himself that he's a Big Goddamn Hero, but actually he's a Selfish Cretin. Only interested in returning to his own time and saving his own hide, he disrepects the locals, ignores their wisemen and through sheer stupidity, awakens the Army of Darkness and dooms everyone. He still plans on returning to his own time, until fatefully he's confronted with his true Cretinous Self and has to admit that he isn't a Big Goddamn Hero. Of course, in doing so he then becomes a Big Goddamn Hero. Phew! I finally described it as "Paragon vs Parasite".

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Post by nemarsde » 24 Oct 2018, 22:23

Backgrounds-wise, there's a nice, neat selection on p36 of EotE to get
players started.

It poses questions for the player to answer.

Before they decided to enter a life of a miscreant, were they:
  • The Down and Out - Humble or hardscrabble beginnings. Life for their
    people was nasty, brutish and short.
  • The Struggling Middle Class - Modest but comfortable. Their people
    still know the meaning of hard work.
  • The High and Mighty - High social standing, great wealth, an existence
    of great comfort.
  • The Outsiders - Grown up in solitude in the wildness, or maybe a
    prison colony or primitive world not on the maps.
They entered the life of a miscreant because:
  • Opportunity Knocked
  • A Higher Calling
  • Enemies and Antagonists
  • A Failure of Character
  • Wrong Place, Wrong Time
Muerta's a scav, technically skilled, so that suited "Down and Out" best. Fine, I jotted it down. Why did he leave that life? "Opportunity Knocked" seemed blatantly obvious. It's not that he was chased away from a life he loved!

I considered growing up on Raxus Prime, in honour of The Force Unleashed (that famously canonical game that Disney have now consigned to non-canon) but that would make him more of an "Outsider" than a "Down and Out". So I went with the classic, noting that Muerta grew up as a scavver on Tatooine. At some point he fell in with Pak's character, Dane, and left that dump behind.

Obligations were next. They have a mechanical effect and I needed to roll d100, so I got my dice out.

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Post by nemarsde » 24 Oct 2018, 22:37

On p38, the PC rolls d100 for their Obligation. Because their are 6 players, each Obligation has a rating of 5. What you might call an aggro rating. 5 isn't so bad. Each player can opt to increase their Obligation's aggro rating by +5, and gain either +5 XP or +1000 starting credits.

Players rolling the same Obligation might decide it's literally the same in the fiction. Both characters are endebted to a Hutt crime lord, frex.

The GM makes an Obligation Check at the start of every session, and if he rolls under the party's combined Obligation, every PC is at -1 Strain Threshold, and one PC is singled out for -2. If the GM rolls a double, 11, 22, 33, etc., then it's -2 and -4 respectively.

Well, I rolled 46, Debt. Fine. And yes, bumped up to 10 Obligation for extra oompf, though I couldn't settle on XP or credits without more context.

Clearly Muerta is endebted to a Hutt crime lord, just like in the example.

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What's in a name?

Post by nemarsde » 25 Oct 2018, 20:26

"Muerta" simply means "dead" in Spanish, though I was thinking more of the sound "mrrtah", so "muerta" or "murtagh", etc.

After the session I found it funny that Muerta might've acquired the name, because that's the name people were always calling him.

"You're dead!! You hear me, you're dead!"

Funny... if they spoke Spanish. That likely on Tatooine? Who knows.

But then DreamLyrics was attacked by a spambot called "hongzhilik" and I admired it's innate dodginess. How do spammers do it, come up with such dodgy names? So maybe Muerta will become Hongzhilik, but only after I've finished writing about him because Muerta is shorter. :lol:

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Post by nemarsde » 26 Oct 2018, 21:07

p94 then, and a quick read told me that our Hillfolk session had already covered some of this. The 'primary motivations' in EotE are 1., very simplistic, 2., in isolation. Do they tell the player or GM anything useful? A player might roll Greed as their Motivation, but does that mean it's the sole driving factor in the character? No. Story-wise it's more of a character theme, than a motivation.

As an example, I rolled twice and got Ambition(Power) and Relationship(Comrades). Can a character who craves power not be loyal to his comrades? Of course he can. What EotE is suggesting is that you build your story around this one thing, until you feel it's resolved. That's a theme.

Anyway, glad we did the Hillfolk session! Much more useful. Moving on....

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Post by nemarsde » 27 Oct 2018, 09:54

  • 4 BBY. Hongzhilik meets Dane in dire straits on Tatooine, where they join forces to salvage the wreck of the Spice Siren. They become steadfast friends. Hongzhilik blows his take from the Spice Siren on cheap booze, floozies, and speeders, alerting Vemmla the Hutt by flashing his credits around. He's told he has to pay her back for the salvage. Oops!
  • 0 ABY. Hongzhilik and Dane fall in with Cho, Reeva, Lisana and Zak on Spintir, and buy a YT-2400, making payments to a local loan shark.
  • 1 ABY. Hongzhilik and Dane, and their crew of less gifted associates, pay off the loan shark after a series of smuggling runs, and find themselves on the Wheel space station.
File Attachments

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Post by nemarsde » 25 Nov 2018, 08:50

Just like Cyberpunk, in Edge of the Empire there's a lot more crunch in the gear your character has, than the character themselves. Weapons, cybernetics, vehicles, and attachments and modifications for them. This makes credits (money) a more valuable currency than XP, in many ways, but just like Cyberpunk, shopping from a sleugh of splatbooks is gruelling; you have to make a list!

So here I make a start.

"Spiked Knucks": DMG+1, Engaged Range, Enc 1, Crit 4, Brawl, HP 0, Rarity U; Pierce 2, Disorient 3; $10
(Base)Crafted Fist Weapon: DMG+1, Engaged Range, Enc 1, Crit 4, Brawl, HP 0, Rarity 0; Disorient 3; $10[1st 2 Success, 1 Triumph(Pierce Quality), 2 Adv(Pierce Quality), 2 hours]
—Pierce Quality: Pierce 2

"Grease Lizard-Monkey" Armour: Soak 1, Def 1, Enc 3, HP 3, Rarity U; Add 2 Boost to Athletics check to climb, Add 2 Boost to Mechanics checks, Spend 1 Strain to gain +1 manouevre; $3700
(Base)A/KT Mountaineer Armour: Soak 1, Def 1, Enc 3, HP 2, Rarity 6; Add 2 Boost to Athletics check to climb; $1800
—Utility Arm: HP 2, Rarity 3, $2000 -$300 (Base: Add 1 Bonus to Mechanics checks; Mod: Add 1 Boost to Mechanics checks, $100 [1st 4 Success, 1 Adv(Add 1 Boost to next check), 1 Triumph(Reverse Engineered); Mod: Spend 1 Strain to gain +1 manouevre, $100 [1st 3 Success, 12 Adv(Recover $300)]
—Reverse Engineered: +1 HP

Scanner Goggles: Rarity 3; No penalties for darkness, $150
Multi-Goo Gun: DMG 5, Short Range, Enc 2, Crit 0, Ranged-Light, HP 1, Rarity 1; Add 1 Adv to repair checks, Disorient 1, Ensnare 4, Knockdown
—Pressurised Gas Cartridge: HP 1 (Base: Increase DMG to 5, Mod: Burn 1, +$50)
"Duggie-Style Workbench": Enc 8, Rarity 4; Add 1 Success and 1 Adv to Mechanics checks, $600[/color]
(Base)Crafted Specialist Tool: Enc 8, Rarity 4; Add 1 Success to Mechanics checks, $400 +$200 [1st Failure, 4 Adv(Decrease Diff of next check by 1, Add 2 Boost to next check), 10 hours; 2nd 7 Success, 4 Adv(Retain 50% Material Price, Add 1 Boost to next check), 1 Triumph(Safety Features), 1 hour]
—Safety Features: Add 1 Advantage to Mechanics checks

DUM Pit Droids (3 of): Minion, Characteristics 1/1/0/0/1/1, Soak 3, WT 2, Def 0, Rarity 1; $1350 ($450 each)
Skills: Computers, Mechanics, Perception
Talents: Fine Tuning 2 (Repair +2 Strain when repairing vehicles)
Abilities: Networking (Gain 1 Boost to skill checks in groups of 3); Built-in comms suite
Silhouette: 0

"Nurse Bettie" Specialist Chassis (based on BD-3000 Luxury Droid): Rival, Characteristics 1/1/3/2/2/2, Soak 3, WT 11, Def 0, Rarity 3; $4500
Skills: Knowledge (Xenology) I, Medicine 2
Talents: Bacta Specialist 1 (Supervised patients heal 1 extra Wound), Surgeon 1 (when healing with a Medicine check, heal 1 additional Wound)
Silhouette: 1
Sell Price: $4500 +$3375 +$450 =$8325 on open market

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Post by nemarsde » 03 Feb 2019, 17:01

Hongzhilik can work on starships and vehicles too.

Project: Bark Rat
An upgraded Brazen Fox for covert, snatch-and-grab operations.

Silhouette 4, Speed 4, Handling +0, Def: Fore 1/Port 0/Starboard 0/Aft 1, Armour 4, HT Threshold 25, SS Threshold 17
Hull Type/Class: Freighter/YT-2400
Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Corp
Hyperdrive: Primary: Class 0.5, Backup: Class 12
Navicomputer: Yes
Sensor Range: Short
Ship's Complement: One pilot, one co-pilot/engineer
Passenger Capacity: 6
Encumbrance: 140
Consumables: Two months
Cost/Rarity: 130,000 credits/5
Customisation Hard Points: 6
Weapons: Dorsal and Ventral Turret Mounted with Quad Laser Cannons (Fire Arc All; Damage 5; Critical 3; Range Close; Accurate 1, Linked 3)
Hull Twin Heavy Laser Cannons (Fire Arc Forward; Damage 6; Critical 3; Range Short; Linked 1)
—Reverse Engineered: +1 HP
—Advanced Targeting Array: HP 1, Rarity 4, $4000 (Base: Upgrade Gunnery checks by 1; Mod: Upgrade Gunnery Checks by 1, $1000; Mod: Gain Innate Talent (True Aim), $1000; Gain Innate Talent (Sniper Shot), $1000)
—High-Output Ion Turbine: HP 1, Rarity 5, $5300 (Base: Increase Speed by 1, Decrease SS Threshold by 1)
—Cloaked Smuggling Compartments: HP 1, Rarity 4 (Restricted), $2200 (Base: Store 25 Enc of items, Increase difficulty of finding by 3; Mods: +50 Enc, $1000)
—Security Measures: HP 0, Rarity 4, $2000 (Base: Upgrades difficulty of Computers/Skulduggery checks to gain unauthorised access by 2; Mods: Add 2 Setback to checks to gain unauthorised access, $2000)
—Autopilot Droid Brain:, HP 0, Rarity 5, $6000 (Base: Can assist Piloting checks with skill 2, maybe summoned with beckon call from 100s km away; Mods: Increase droid brain's Piloting(Space) checks by 2, $2000)
—Hyperdrive Generator: HP 1, Rarity 4, $6400 (Base: Decrease Hyperdrive Class by 1 to min of 1; Mods: Decrease Hyperdrive Class by 2 to min 0.5, $2000)
—Sensor Baffler: HP 1, Rarity 6R, $8000 (Base: Increase diff to locate ship twice; Mods: Add 2 Setback to target ship with Gunnery checks, $2000)
—Twin Heavy Laser Cannons: HP 1, Rarity 5, $11250
—2 Quad Laser Cannons: HP 0 (Replace Twin Medium Laser Cannons), Rarity 6, 2x $8000
+$69250 Attachments and Mods

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Project: Thumper

Post by nemarsde » 22 Mar 2019, 20:47

I've always loved how Dugs were animated by ILM, their alien form of locomotion is to this day unique in Star Wars and science fiction in general, which even when using CGI, tends to use Earth norms.

I had the idea of a Mecha-Dug though. A Dug in XXL power armour, so that they're still Silhouette 1, but their shoulder height would be level with a tall adult human. That would be one big, scary-looking Dug!

What would it involve?

Mecha-Dug Power Armour: Soak 3, Def 2, Enc 3, HP 8, Rarity U; Increase Brawn 2; Remove 1 Setback for poor visibility; Add 1 Boost for resisting radiation, Increase Athletics 2, Increase Vigilance 1, Increase Survival 1, Gain Innate Talent (Sniper Shot 2), Gain Innate Talent (Brace 2), Gain Innate Talent (Natural Marksman); $33,250
(Base)Kav-Dann Power Armour: Soak 2, Def 2, Enc 4, HP 6, Rarity 7R; Increase 1 Brawn; Remove 1 Setback for poor visibility; Add 1 Boost for resisting radiation, $13,500
—Tinkered: +1 HP
—Reverse Engineered: +1 HP
—Helmet Comlink: HP 0, Rarity 1, $200
—Superior: HP 1, Rarity 6, $5000 (Base: Gain Superior Quality)
—Strength Enhancing System: HP 2, Rarity 4, $5500 (Base: Increase Brawn 1; Mod: Increase Athletics 2, +$100; Mod: Gain Innate Talent (Brace 2), +$100)
—MB-7 "Ranger" Range Finder: HP 1, Rarity 6, $1500 (Base: Gain Innate Talent (Sniper Shot 1); Mod: Gain Innate Talent (Sniper Shot 1), +$50)
—Automated Weapon Mount: HP 2, Rarity 5, $3000 (Base: Once per encounter, spend manouevre to use mounted weapon, diff upgraded once; Mod: Allowable Weapon Encumbrance 2, +$100; Mod: Add 1 Setback instead of diff upgrade, +$50)
—"Accu-Strike" Integrated Targeting Computer: HP 1, Rarity 7, $3000 (Base: Add 1 Boost to Ranged checks at Long and Extreme; Mod: Gain Innate Talent (Natural Marksman), +$50)
—Tracking System: HP 1, Rarity 7, $1000 (Base: Upgrade checks to track designated target; Mod: Increase Vigilance 1, +$50; Mod: Increase Survival 1, +$50)

Hobo Cannon: DMG 16, Extreme Range, Enc 10, Crit 1, Gunnery, HP 5, Rarity U; Superior (Add 1 Adv) Auto Fire, Cumbersome 3, Pierce 5, Vicious 1; $14,305
—(Base)HOB Heavy Repeating Blaster: DMG 15, Extreme Range, Enc 10, Crit 3, Gunnery, HP 4, Rarity 8R; Auto Fire, Cumbersome 6, Pierce 2, Vicious 1; $6500
—Reverse Engineered: +1 HP
—Jury-Rigged: 1 less Adv to activate Crit
—Enhanced XCiter: HP 2, Rarity 6R, $1500 (Base: 1 less Adv to activate Crit, GM can spend 2 Despair to destroy; Mod: Pierce 3, +$150)
—Gyrostabilizer: HP 2, Rarity 6, $1000 (Base: Cumbersome -1; Mod: Cumbersome -2, +$100; Mod: Gain Innate Talent (Barrage), +$50)
—Superior: HP 1, Rarity 6, $5000 (Base: Superior Quality)

Vibroknucklers: DMG+1, Engaged Range, Enc 1, Crit 2, Brawl, HP 0, Rarity 4; Pierce 1, Vicious 1; £350

Shoulder-Mounted Arty: DMG 10, Medium Range, Enc 5, Crit 5, Gunnery, HP 3, Rarity U; Blast 8, Concussive 2, Disorient 5, Cumbersome 3, Accurate 1, Limited Ammo 5, $4825
—(Base)RGL-318 Grenade Launcher: DMG 8, Medium Range, Enc 5, Crit 4, Gunnery, HP 3, Rarity 4R; Blast 6, Cumbersome 3, Limited Ammo 5; $1000
—Tinkered: +1 HP
—Custom Grip: HP 1, Rarity 6, $500 (Base: Remove 1 Setback; Mod: Accurate 1, +$50)
—Droid Brain Targeting System: HP 3, Rarity 5, $3200 (Base: Upgrade Ranged check once; Mod: Add 1 Boost to Ranged checks once per encounter, +$50)
—G2 Concussive Grenades: DMG 10, Short Range, Crit 5, Ranged-Light, Rarity 5R; Blast 8, Concussive 2, Disorient 5, Limited Ammo 1, $250 for 5-pack

Projected cost: $52,380

Gunhand Blaster: DMG 11, Medium Range, Enc 1, Crit 2, Ranged-Light, HP 4, Rarity U; Pierce 2, Auto-Fire, Superior (Add 1 Adv), Stun Setting; $3800
—(Base)H-7 Equalizer Blaster Pistol: DMG 8, Medium Range, Enc 1, Crit 2, Ranged-Light, HP 3, Rarity 8; Superior, Stun Setting; $1200
—Reverse Engineered: +1 HP
—Jury-Rigged: 1 less Adv to activate Auto-Fire
—Blaster Actuating Module: HP 1, Rarity 4, $500 (Base: +1 DMG, Add 1 Setback; Mod: +2 DMG, +$100; Mod: Pierce 2, +$100)
—Set Trigger: HP 1, Rarity 4, $450 (Base: Add 1 Success and Adv to 1st round of combat; Mod: Add 1 Success to 1st round of combat, +$50)
—Rapid Recharge XCiter: HP 1, Rarity 7, $750 (Base: Gain Auto-Fire, Inaccurate 3; Mod: Decrease Inaccurate 1, +$100)
—Custom Grip: HP 1, Rarity 6, $500 (Base: Remove 1 Setback; Mod: Accurate 1, +$50)

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Crafted Items

Post by nemarsde » 06 Apr 2019, 07:50

Has Hongzhilik crafted a weapon or set of armour for you? Do you want to add it to your OggDude's character sheet?

Here I will post entries that you can copy/paste into OggDude's, during Step 3 of the Craft Item feature on the Equipment page.

Note the format of the H3 and h3 are important for the entries to render correctly in OggDude's.

Big Knucks
[1x Cho, 1x Zak]
Item Template: Brawl and Melee Weapon>Fist Weapon
Results of Crafting Check: 1 Success, 1 Triumph [$10]
Construction Options: Destructive 1

Code: Select all

[H3]Big Knucks[h3]
Custom-made by Hongzhilik, these are bigger, heavier duralium alloy knuckles. Although not as easily concealable as normal brass knuckles, they hit twice as hard.
DMG+2, Engaged Range, Enc 1, Crit 4, Brawl, HP 0, Rarity U; Disorient 3
NB: Hongzhilik has a schematic for Fist Weapons, reducing the crafting Difficulty by 1. Cost is $10, crafting time is 4 hours, though every additional Success reduces this by 1 hour, to a mininum of 1.

Dane's Flight Suit
[1x Dane]
Item Template: Armour>Light Armour
Results of Crafting Check: 1 Success, 1 Adv [$250]
Construction Options: Sealable 1

Code: Select all

[H3]Dane's Flight Suit[h3]
Lovingly tailored by Hongzhilik, this padded flight suit in Dane's favourite colour, has fleximetal splints riveted behind the torso material, creating a discreet armoured cuirass. The suit is also lined with an integral, snap-lock body stocking, ready for attachment to air supply and breather.
Soak 2, Def 0, Enc 2, HP 0, Rarity U; Full Body, Sealable
NB: The Vacuum Sealed attachment can be found in Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook, p207. It costs $1000, and will allow Dane to ignore the effects of vacuum or poisonous atmospheric environments for up to 10 minutes. It can be attached without a skill check, and has Rarity 0.

Zak's Ice Bat Special Cyberarm
[1x Zak]
Item Template: Cybernetics>Cybernetic Appendage(Brawn)
Results of Craft Check: 9 Success, 5 Adv, 1 Triumph [$5000]
Construction Options: Tailored 1, Integrated Tool(Athletics) 1, Inbuilt Weapon(CryoBan Rifle) 1

Code: Select all

[H3]Ice Bat Special (Cyberarm)[h3]
Named after the exceedingly rare Hoth ice bat, this cyberarm has been crafted by Hongzhilik to interface with and reinforce Zak's existing cybernetic shoulder joint. It features an uprated powertrain, an ascension gun and concealed, inbuilt CryoBan rifle.
NB: Below are notes from the Merr-Sonn Rider Ascension Gun from Desperate Allies, p52.
As an action, a character may make a Difficulty 2 Ranged (Light) check to fire the grappling hook onto an object at up to medium range. As an action, he may reel in the cord, pulling himself to the target object (or, if the object is unsecured and lighter than he is, pulling the object to himself).

A character using an ascension pistol to pull himself and another character aloft must make an Difficulty 2 Athletics check to avoid losing his grip on either his partner or the gun.

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Trade Counter

Post by nemarsde » 20 Oct 2019, 08:47

What does Hongzhilik need to buy? What has he sold?

Shopping List
"SoroHolio" Precision Blaster Pistol: DMG 10, Long Range, Enc 1, Crit 4, Ranged-Light, HP 4, Rarity U; Accurate 2, Pierce 5, Add 2 Threat; $3950
(Base)X-30 Lancer Precision Blaster Pistol: DMG 5, Long Range, Enc 1, Crit 4, Ranged-Light, HP 3, Rarity 5; Accurate 1, Pierce 2, $1000
—Reverse Engineered: +1 HP
—Galven Pattern Resequencing: HP 2, Rarity 5, $1000 (Base: +1 DMG, Add 2 Threat; Mod: +2 DMG, +$200; Mod: Pierce 1, +$100)
—Blaster Actuating Module: HP 1, Rarity 4, $500 (Base: +1 DMG, Add 1 Setback; Mod: +1 DMG, +$100; Mod: Pierce 2, +$200)
—Custom Grip: HP 1, Rarity 6, $500 (Base: Remove 1 Setback; Mod: Accurate 1, +$100)
—Telescopic Optical Sight: HP 1, Rarity 1, $250 (Base: Decrease 1 diff for Ranged checks at Long and Extreme)

Welding Rod: DMG 3, Engaged Range, Enc 4, Crit 2, Melee, Rarity 5; Adds 1 Success to repair checks, Breach 1, Inaccurate 2, $1750
Hand Grinder: DMG +2, Engaged Range, Enc 5, Crit 4, Melee, HP 4, Rarity 3; Adds 1 Adv to Mechanics checks involving shaping material, Cumbersome 3, Prepare 1, Vicious 4, $500

"Collapsible Workbench": Enc 7, Rarity 4; Add 1 Success to Mechanics checks, $400 [Sold to Redcliff Autos for $460]
(Base)Crafted Specialist Tool: Enc 8, Rarity 4; Add 1 Success to Mechanics checks, $400 [1st 1 Success, 1 Adv(Lightweight), 10 hours]
—Lightweight: Encumbrance -1

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Rest In Pieces

Post by nemarsde » 14 Jun 2020, 21:25

Hongzhilik died, sacrificing himself to save Dane and the Hellion family on D'Qar.

He kited attacking TIE Fighters back into orbit, taking heavy damage. But initiating damage control from the cockpit, and with the pit droids laying down remarkably effective fire from the turrets, Hong was able to stay on target, aiming the ship for the hangar bay of the Vindicator heavy cruiser. Evading turbolasers and tractor beams, Hong synched his run with the launch window of the next TIE wing and flew straight into the hangar bay at transatmospheric speed, vapourising the TIE racks and causing a chain reaction of fuel cells that disabled the cruiser.

"I been scared my whole life, Dane. But I ain't now. I love you brother!" --Hongzhilik